Diet for gastritis: what table, sample menu and allowed foods

food basket for gastritis

Gastritis is an infectious disease that affects the walls of the stomach. Treatment according to the results of the tests is prescribed by the doctor. Therapy depends on the symptoms and features of the disease, however, any treatment is accompanied by diet. With the help of special nutrition, it is possible to reduce pain and speed up recovery. It is important to consider that there are several diets for gastritis. Which table is suitable in this situation, the doctor will advise.

What diets are suitable for gastritis

In medicine, there are several types of therapeutic nutrition that are suitable for diet.

  • Table number 1.This dietary option is recommended for acute and chronic diseases during the period of exacerbation of symptoms. The menu prepared according to this diet is the most gentle on the gastrointestinal tract. It can be used for ulcers that occur on the walls of the duodenum and stomach.
  • Table number 2.Such sparing nutrition is often prescribed for acute and chronic gastritis at the time of exacerbation. In this case, the patient should have normal or increased acidity.
  • Table number 5.This diet option is designed for patients with low acid gastritis.
share of food in gastritis

If the question is which table to choose for erosive gastritis, you should pay attention to nutrition number 1. It is considered universal for diseases of the digestive system.

Table #1 Features

When following a diet for gastritis and stomach ulcers, you should adhere to several nutritional principles.

  1. Regardless of the designated table for gastritis of the stomach, the dishes are mainly steamed or baked, after which they are ground. This facilitates the work of the stomach and prevents pain in the epigastric region.
  2. When preparing dietary dishes, a minimum of salt is used.
  3. All food and drink should be hot. Hot and cold foods are prohibited.
  4. For a quick recovery of the mucous membrane at night, it is recommended to drink milk.
  5. Instead of three main meals, 5-6 should be done.

Speaking about which table with a diet for gastritis is necessary, one fact should be emphasized. The patient's daily diet should include at least 2900-3100 kcal. The mass of consumed products should be 2. 5-3 kg. This includes:

  • carbohydrates - about 400-450 g;
  • fats - about 100 g (animal fats should be 70-80%, the remaining 20-30% are vegetable fats);
  • protein - about 100 g (60% of which should be animal and only 40% vegetable);
  • the amount of fluid consumed (should reach 1. 5-2 liters).

What you can eat on diet #1

After learning which food table for gastritis should be observed, many patients are upset. They think it will be monotonous tasteless food, but it is far from it. The following dishes can be included in the diet.

mashed soup for gastritis
  1. Semi-viscous liquid cereals. When cooking, you can add milk. More often you should choose semolina, buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.
  2. The presence of first courses is a must. Soups should be cooked more often on vegetable broths.
  3. Eggs. Gastroenterologists recommend including 2-3 eggs per day in the patient's diet (preferably in the form of a steamed omelet or boiled eggs).
  4. Meat and fish. Many patients with this diagnosis are interested in knowing which table number for gastritis includes meat. At the same time, doctors strongly recommend using liver in any menu, as well as fish and lean meats.
  5. Vegetables should be used in the preparation of soups, as well as boiled to make mashed potatoes, soufflés and puddings.
  6. Pasta is allowed in limited quantities and only boiled.
  7. Fruit. In fresh form, only a small amount of fruit puree and sweet berries is allowed.
  8. Dairy products and milk should be present in the diet. It is recommended to wipe the cottage cheese before use.
  9. Flour products. It is better to include wheat bread in the diet in a dried (or yesterday) form.
  10. Fats. You can add a little butter and vegetable oil to the dishes.
  11. Beverages. Tea and coffee should not be strong (you can add milk or cream). Fruit and berry compotes, rosehip broth are recommended.

What not to eat while dieting #1

Giving advice on the table of gastritis and stomach ulcers that the patient should follow, the doctor indicates a number of products that are completely prohibited for consumption.

what you can and cannot eat with gastritis

Among them:

  • rolls and other sweet muffin products;
  • all kinds of existing seasonings;
  • among the prohibitions are ketchup and mayonnaise (including homemade);
  • foods with a salty, sour and spicy taste;
  • strong tea and coffee
  • all foods high in fat (total ban on fat);
  • due to difficult digestion, fried foods are not allowed;
  • commercial sugary drinks (carbonated drinks are strictly prohibited);
  • alcoholic products;
  • doctors stress the need to avoid fungi;
  • rye bread (it negatively affects the state of the digestive system);
  • raw vegetables and fruits;
  • all kinds of nuts;
  • all legumes were banned;
  • citrus.

Menu of the week

Having decided which table and which diet for gastritis should be used, you need to take care of the menu. The following diet can be taken as a basis, but it can be supplemented with any permitted dishes.

Day of the week 1st breakfast 2nd breakfast Having dinner afternoon tea Having dinner
Monday In the morning it is better to eat a small amount of porridge (semolina is good). Additionally, you can add boiled eggs (2 pcs. ) And any drink, such as tea A light snack may contain fruit yogurt (only low fat), honey apple, baked Soup (can be rice) on chicken, 1-2 small meatballs, some mashed potatoes, fruit jelly, rosehip broth Milk (about 200 ml), crackers (2 pcs. ) Zander pieces with cauliflower (steam dish)
Tuesday For breakfast, boiled eggs (you can steam an omelet), cabbage juice Boiled buckwheat porridge with milk, a glass of tea Mashed soup made from zucchini, a bit of fish pâté (only homemade product is allowed), beef and potato casserole, apple mousse Kefir (150-200 ml), which must be preheated, and a small banana Mashed potatoes and small chicken meatballs, tea
Wednesday Rice milk porridge and compote (1 tablespoon) A small amount of rolled oats and cottage cheese For lunch, the first course is mandatory - it can be vermicelli soup without adding meat. For the second, you can cook a little buckwheat, instead of meat, a piece of pike perch, beet salad, tea Unsweetened yogurt Beef pilaf, fruit jelly and vegetable risotto
Thursday Barley (groats can be boiled in milk), a little cabbage juice Tea and crackers For lunch, boiled rice soup in pumpkin broth, some pasta, rabbit meat soufflé, apple and pear syrup Milk with crackers Vegetables (any), mashed to a puree state. Beet salad and plum jelly (you can add aspic with turkey meat)
Friday Semolina porridge and tea Dumplings (a classic dish can be replaced with lazy dumplings in butter). For dessert - a cocktail of berries, for example, strawberry Zucchini stuffed with ground beef, meatball soup, green salad (sour cream vinaigrette), rosehip broth Strawberry jelly and banana salad (yogurt vinaigrette) Mashed potatoes, boiled veal tongue, tea and apple pudding
Saturday Milk soup with vermicelli and fresh cabbage juice Ryazhenka (150 ml), beet salad Vitamin soup (it contains dried apricots and prunes), steamed herring with vegetables, bread and compote from the day before Strawberry kefir and apple pudding Barley porridge, baked cod, jelly (from any fruit), tea
Sunday You can choose from scrambled eggs and baked mac and cheese, tea Casserole of cottage cheese and fruit yogurt Soup (the main ingredient is cauliflower), boiled chicken fillet, rice, compote Apple with milk and honey A piece of boiled meat (choose beef) with mashed potatoes, berry compote

Before going to bed, they recommend a glass of warm milk, fermented baked milk, a small piece of bread, compote.

Diet number 1 for gastritis: examples of dishes

Recommended recipes include:

  • a vegetable dish is represented by a vegetable risotto;
  • fish - pike-perch in Polish;
  • from dietary meat - turkey meat aspic.

These meals are nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare.

pike-perch in Polish

No matter what table is prescribed for gastritis, she still cannot do without fish. This product is rich in nutrients. In addition, the fish dishes are hearty and easy to digest. For dinner, zander can be served with any permitted side dish. To prepare the dish, you need pike perch, the weight of which is 1-1. 3 kg. First, the broth is cooked.

  1. The tail and head are poured with 1 liter of water and brought to a boil.
  2. Add celery, onion rings, salt, peppercorns.
  3. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes.
pike-perch fillet for gastritis

The fish is cut into small pieces and poured with broth into a frying pan. You need to simmer the pike-perch until the meat turns white. Close the lid for 5 minutes.

Serve with sauce. To do this, 2 finely chopped eggs are mixed with melted butter and chopped dill. As an accompaniment, you can choose mashed potatoes or porridge from the types of cereals allowed.

Vegetable Risotto

Regardless of the table number assigned to a diet for gastritis, vegetables and cereals are always present in the diet. You can combine these two types of products in a risotto. This dish has a pleasant taste, saturates well, but does not overload the digestive tract.

boiled rice for gastritis

First, boil 2 tbsp. I. rice and drain the liquid. The next step is cooking the vegetables.

To prepare the dish, take some celery, onion, small carrots and parsley root, chop and simmer for 10 minutes. Grease a baking dish with oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and put the mixture of rice and vegetables in it. Pour a mixture of ½ egg and 1 tbsp. Milk. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Turkey in jelly

Patients often wonder whether it is possible to include meat in a diet for gastritis and which table allows it. It should be noted that in all the listed diets it is recommended to use dietary turkey meat. To prepare aspic, 600 g of fillet are placed in a saucepan and poured with 2 liters of water. Parsley, onion and carrots (2 pcs. ) are also added to it. After boiling, remove the foam and simmer for 60 minutes.

chicken breast for gastritis

After adding the bay leaf (2 pcs. ) and 1 clove of garlic, continue to simmer for 30 minutes. After that, the meat and vegetables are removed, and the broth is strained. Gelatin is added to it. Chopped boiled carrots and meat are first placed in molds, and then carefully poured with broth. After cooling, the form is placed in the refrigerator.

Features of diet number number 2

When choosing the most suitable table for chronic gastritis, doctors often recommend diet number 2.

It is distinguished by several characteristic features.

  1. In addition to steaming and stewing, light frying of food is also allowed. In this case, you need to make sure that a crispy crust does not form on the surface.
  2. It is forbidden to take too hot and too cold dishes.
  3. foods high in fiber and fiber should be ground first.

The list of prohibited products includes:

  • fresh wheat bread and pastry products;
  • fatty meats, poultry with skin, lard;
  • from fish products, smoked, fatty and canned fish should be abandoned;
  • whole milk is prohibited in dairy products - preference should be given to cottage cheese and yogurt, low-fat milk can be added to tea;
  • prohibited vegetables include sauerkraut, radishes, radishes, cucumbers, peppers, garlic and onions;
  • boiled eggs are not allowed;
  • soft drinks and alcohol were prohibited.

Patients should not be limited to nutrition, but the diet should be corrected. Thus, instead of 3 meals per day, it is recommended to enter 5 meals per day. In this case, the food will enter the stomach in smaller portions and will not cause heaviness.

Characteristics of table number 5

Often, patients turn to the doctor about which table for low-acid gastritis is better. With such indications, diet number 5 has proven itself on the positive side.

baked apples for gastritis

As in the previous cases, food should not be boiled or steamed. Baking is allowed. Here is a list of prohibited foods, including:

  • various sauces (this is ketchup, mayonnaise and others);
  • fresh wheat bread and all baked goods with yeast;
  • soups cooked in a broth of mushrooms, meat and fish;
  • meat and fatty fish, poultry with skin;
  • high fat milk;
  • mushrooms in all their forms;
  • from vegetables it is worth giving up radishes, radishes, spinach, garlic;
  • sour fruits and berries;
  • chocolate, ice cream and cream candies;
  • egg yolks (in this case, whites are allowed when making omelettes).

You can stick to this diet for a long time.

People with gastritis should follow general nutritional recommendations. Otherwise, an exacerbation of the disease is possible even after a long absence of symptoms. At the same time, doctors emphasize that the diet is not used as an independent treatment. Any exacerbation of gastritis requires a complex impact, including taking medications.

When patients ask them which table number and which diet for gastritis is better, doctors answer that you should not start treatment on your own. This can lead to a worsening of the patient's condition.